Developmental Issues

Pediatric Developmental and Constitutional Problems

In traditional Asian Medicine, we offer gentle therapies such as therapeutic massage, Shonishin and herbal medicine in the treatment of pediatric developmental issues. Children’s developmental issues are divided into either the 5 slows or the 5 softs. Each diagnosis has its own treatment and therapy:

A. The Five Slows – Wu Chi – Slower than normal standing, movement, hair growth, teeth growth and speaking
1. Liver and Kidney Deficiency – Weakness of sinews and bones, obviously abnormally slow development sitting up, standing and moving erect, slow development of the teeth
Helpful herbal medicine: Jia Wei Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
2. Heart Blood Xu – Intelligence not complete, listlessness, no speech after several years, speech not clear and intelligible, pale skin color, withered and yellowish hair, poor appetite, constipation T: no coating
Helpful herbal medicine: Chang Pu Wan: Dang Shen, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Yuan Zhi, Shi Chang Pu

B. Five Softs – Wu Ruan – soft head, and neck, a weak mouth, soft hair, weak feet and soft muscles
1. Spleen and Kidney Xu – Head and neck soft and weak, neck not able to hold the head upright, soft mouth, and weak gums, not able to suckle, flowing drool, soft hair, weak feet and inability to stand up, no strength in movement
Helpful herbal medicine: Bu Shen Di Huang Wan + Buzhong Yi Qi Tang
2. Qi and Blood Xu – Soft, weak body and limbs, soft joints, listlessness, slow intelligence, pale complexion, lack of warmth in the 4 limbs, opening mouth and tongue lolls out, pale lips, and not much tongue coat.
Helpful herbal medicine: Ba Zhen Tang

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