Lunar Treatments


A holistic way to heal and help your child.

Each month near the full moon, children enjoy gentle healing treatments.

This ancient practice originates in Japan, where traditionally, children receive monthly treatments near the full moon. When the moon is waxing, or near full, it exerts an influence not only on the tides of the oceans but also on the ocean within our bodies.

Regular, monthly Lunar Treatments help your child in many ways:
*Balance your child’s developing meridian, organ and endocrine systems
*Strengthen their whole constitution
*Enhance the immune system – so your child gets well and stays well
*Nourish their mind & spirit – for depression, anxiety and hyperactivity
*Fortify digestion, rebuild the digestive fire & regulate bowel movement
*Enable deep peaceful sleep

Lunar treatments are painless, gentle and can consist of Shonishin or Tuina massage, moxa, cupping, essential oils, dietary and other recommendations. Children look forward to this nurturing care and parents are relieved to learn what to do at home!

There is an ancient saying:
“Treat Winter diseases in the Summer.”

This means that preventive treatments in earlier seasons help us avoid and heal illness in later seasons. Problems that arise due to weather, diet, emotions, or lifestyle will be avoided or alleviated with Lunar Treatments.

Decrease the intensity and frequency of colds or coughs in the Fall or allergies in the Spring with regular preventive monthly treatments!

Lunar Treatments emphasize preventive care.
Once introduced to Traditional Asian Medicine, children understand that the rhythm of caring for themselves is an ongoing process that continues throughout life!

A Check-Up for Success 

Taking your child to the doctor when they’re sick, for allergic reactions, ear infections or labored breathing is only one type of visit. Well Child Lunar Visits are a chance to raise questions and concerns about your child’s development, behavior, diet, sleeping, toilet training, social behaviors, attention and learning problems as well as general well-being — questions that are difficult to discuss during sick visits. Having regular Well Child Lunar visits is key to preventive care and helps the doctor know you and your child.

Making the Most of Doctor Time

Continuity of care helps build trust and better communication at each Well Child Lunar Visit. Creating a list is a good way to ensure you get all the information you need. Jot down three to five questions and bring them to the visit to help you focus on issues of concern and start the dialogue with the doctor. Any question that reflects your concern about your child’s development, behavior, sleep, emotions, eating or relations with other members of the family is appropriate.

*Research age-specific developmental skills and typical issues your child may be experiencing.

*Talk to others who care for your child and ask for their input. They may notice something different that offers a new perspective.

*Parents shouldn’t hesitate or feel embarrassed to share information that further opens the doors of communication. As your child’s most important advocate, you have valuable information that will help the doctor better understand your child and your family. Don’t hesitate to bring up issues such as safety in the home and at the playground, optimal nutrition, toilet training, and environmental concerns such as lead paint exposure. Feel free to ask about any and everything related to the care of your child — medical or not.

*Talk about what you see as either a special trait or a concern about your child. This helps the doctor get to know you and your child on a more personal level.  

A Healthy Future

Well Child care is so important. Taking your child to the doctor when he or she is feeling under the weather is simply not enough. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes the need for a schedule of visits. This supports a caring, holistic relationship with the doctor who can observe your child’s growth and development. When you know a visit is approaching, you can prepare topics of discussion. Starting the dialogue can lead to a healthier life for your child overall, and that is the ultimate goal.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests how to make the most of these important visits:

*Be prepared with a list of questions about your child’s health.
*Write down what the doctor says about your child’s development, growth, health, safety, and nutrition.
*Keep a chart of your child’s milestones, and discuss with the doctor.
*Talk to your doctor about ways to keep your child at a healthy weight and a healthy state of mind.

Dr. Sally Sherriff, DAOM, L.Ac. studied in Japan for 6 years and Taiwan for 2 years. From the traditions of Asian Medicine she brings to our children the ancient teachings of the cultivation of Health. Dr. Sally teaches Pediatrics and Clinical Medicine at Five Branches University, and is founder and director of Healthy Dragon Healing Arts. She specializes in holistic pediatric care, family health, and relief of allergies, pain & stress.For more information about Lunar treatments and Holistic Pediatrics, contact Dr. Sally Sherriff DAOM, LAc. 831-295-6327. Book a Lunar Treatment for your child online.