Sleep Issues

Over the years, I’ve been asked many times, “Why is my child not sleeping?” This means that Mom and Dad aren’t sleeping well either!

Sometimes it’s digestive sensitivities that keep children up or life’s stresses, but other times it can be their constitution. Perhaps they are hot at night with sweating that interferes with deep sleep.

A few ways that we can help them to sleep:
*A gentle foot massage with sesame oil before bed can soothe their whole body and spirit.
*Having a bedtime routine, at the same time every night helps their nervous systems to wind down for sleep.
*In-depth look at their diet can sometimes reveal a deficiency in some minerals such as magnesium.
*Testing and treating for food and chemical sensitivities.
*Individualized herbal formulas designed for their constitution.
*Therapeutic Tuina Massage and Shonishin treatments

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