Crystal was an easy going baby, until she hit the 6 month mark and her gums began bothering her. Her teeth hadn’t yet erupted through but they were causing her (and Mom & Dad!) a lot of discomfort. She had become fussy and irritable. Mom tried to comfort her by nursing her more frequently but there was no relief.

On their first visit, Catrina, her mom, mentioned that Crystal seemed more uncomfortable after eating and that her breath had turned a bit sour recently. I noted the pediatric vein on her index finger, her red gums and her discomfort when I lightly palpated her tummy. All these signs indicated food stagnation and heat.

After a gentle treatment of pediatric tuina massage and Shonishin, I recommended an herbal formula, a combination of Bao He Wan and Suan Zao Ren Tang. To accompany this, I suggested a soothing gum oil of chamomile and cloves steeped in olive oil. Crystal’s diet also needed attention. They changed to simple, bland foods such as rice porrige, steamed veggies and soups and avoided too many sweet, starchy or dairy foods like bread, cookies and cheese.

When they came in the next week for their follow-up visit, both Catrina and Crystal were smiling. Her irritability was gone and everyone was sleeping well and enjoying life again!

Crystal continues to come in once a month for pediatric Lunar Treatments and remains healthy and happy. She maintains a wholesome, nourishing diet of whole grains, soups and steamed vegetables and avoids too much dairy or sweets.

So why do babies and kids suffer so much, when they are teething?
And why do some kids seem to get sick when they are teething?

In our modern way of life, we often grab convenient, quick foods which can cause stagnation in our little one’s digestion. This can affect them, all the way up to their mouth and gums. Teething is a healthy process but when combined with food stagnation and heat, this normal transformation becomes one of agony and sometimes even affects the immune system.

So the next time your child is teething, reach for those bland and nourishing foods.

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