Holistic Medicine with Dr. Sally

Dr. Sally works with clients of all ages and backgrounds, specializing in family health, holistic pediatric care, relief of pain, allergies, and stress.

The core tenets of Dr. Sally’s practice include:

  • Nurturing wellness
  • Supporting the body’s innate capacity for self-healing
  • Providing comprehensive evaluations and diagnosis of the underlying causes of imbalance
  • Treating the person as a whole, not just the illness
  • Once per month Lunar Treatments for children to foster wellness and well being

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“Sally Sherriff is a master in the healing arts! She has helped support and strengthen my health in so many ways over the last 2 years. I began seeing her to help with digestive problems that have been eluding western medicine for years. Seeing her weekly and sometimes twice a week for the last several months has greatly alleviated my symptoms! I highly recommend Sally as an acupuncturist and especially for anyone struggling with allergies or food sensitivities. She has extensive training in traditional Japanese and Chinese Medicine and honors each persons unique needs. Her compassionate touch and loving energy always leaves me feeling nurtured and nourished.”

Shelby R.


“When I came to Dr. Sally I was in extreme condition and nothing else had helped.  She took me quickly and saw that immediate help was needed. She has what I call comprehensive compassion, which is rare, because it means understanding the depth and complexity of the health issue (crisis in my case) and trusting her creative intuition to improvise if necessary.  Average doctors are often formulaic and inflexible, but extraordinary doctors never are, and this is true regardless of which medical approach is used. When doctors transcend their education they become healers.  Dr. Sally is a healer working from heart and without ego.  She saved my life. Santa Cruz is lucky to have her and my only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.”

Valerie D.