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Dr. Sally Sherriff L.Ac., DAOM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Healing in Santa Cruz, CA


When children get a cough, we need to pay attention to the underlying internal ecology of the body. Not every child gets all the colds and flus. There are germs floating around but whether they get sick when exposed to a germ has to do with their immune resistance. If we avoid giving children phlegm producing foods, we won’t have to worry as much about coughs, allergies and asthma etc.

It doesn’t take much for children to “catch a cold“ and begin coughing: Sierra went to a birthday party and started coughing the next day. 1/3 of Miki’s 3rd grade class was out of school with colds and coughs, following Halloween!

For nourishing our kids, we can feed them warm, nutritious, easily digested foods such as soups, broths and stews, steamed vegetables, whole grains; encourage them to play and exercise outside, go to bed early and bring them for monthly Lunar treatments!

Avoid sugar, sweets, cold, chilled or raw foods, fruit juice- even diluted juices, milk, bread, crackers, pasta, cheese or peanut butter etc. These foods create more mucus and phlegm which settles in the sinus and lungs. If there are heat signs, avoid fried, greasy or spicy foods.

What can I do to help clear my child’s cough?

  • Herbal Formulas: Lung Qi Jr. (Blue Poppy herbal company) for a cough with phlegm.
  • Tuina: Massage the whole back with diluted essential oils of thyme, oregano, eucalyptus and lavender.
  • Cupping helps to create negative space for the lungs to clear the cough.
  • Shonishin treatments to strengthen the immune system and lungs, to stop cough.
  • Once a month Lunar treatments help children to avoid getting sick and clear up coughs and runny noses.

For an individualized healing program for your child and info on Lunar treatments, contact Dr. Sally Sherriff, DAOM at 831-295-6327, 320 River Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060

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