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Dr. Sally Sherriff L.Ac., DAOM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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Cradle Cap

Cradle cap, a crust on the scalp, behind the ears or possibly red spots on baby’s face, may develop in the 1st month of life.

A propensity towards cradle cap is often developed while in the womb. During pregnancy, mothers may have eaten too many sugars, sweets, fried, greasy or spicy foods. These types of foods lead to a damp heat condition in the mother which is then passed on to the child.

To help your baby with cradle cap, start with a clear bland diet, such as soups, steamed vegetables & rice porridge. Avoid sweets, fried foods and sweet drinks like juice or soda.

What else can I do for my baby with cradle cap?

Massage roasted sesame oil onto baby’s scalp each night and shampoo out the next day.

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Remember, diet is important!

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